Classic reinvention of solitaire in Tripeaks Sheriff

Solitaire is a classic game of cards. It has been a great entertainment dating back to the 70’s up to now. There are two reasons why it is addictive and entertaining. One is because of the goal which is to arrange the cards according to their color and category such as hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Two is because of the trial and error existing which really challenges and entertains the player. There is a great reinvention of this game which is called Tripeaks Sheriff.



It is a flash game which means you don’t need a real set of cards because the playing field is a virtual one. This game’s objective is pretty much the same with the classic solitaire game which is to arrange and categorize the cards. Stack cards on pile that are 1 away crok the card pile just like the same classic moves in this card game. If you want to experience such game, you can easily search for it online and have a blast.



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