Company of Myself 2

They say that being independent means that you are strong. Yes, it is correct. There are two other importance of being independent in life. Since the cycle of life is about surviving happily, being independent means that you know what to do without the great help of others. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be snob or avoid some help. Being independent means being free to decide on your own but keeping or seeking advice that might contribute on your ultimate decision.



Going to the main topic of this article, there is a flash game called The Company of Myself 2 which is interesting and unique. It does show independence in a fun way. This is a moody little platform game that is about a hermit with lots of problem on a daily basis which is the main reason why it is quite moody. Help the hermit by controlling it and duplicating its body so that it will reach the exit points of each level successfully. Use the arrow keys for movement and Press R if you want to restart the whole game.


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