Pet and Unlock It’s Innate Abilitie

We’ve revamped the Rebirth System for your trusty Combat Pet to help guarantee a Perfect result when upgrading!

War of the Immortals has one of the most expansive and comprehensive combat pet systems ever created. Pets that are successfully captured will serve their owners forever by protecting and assisting them in combat. If trained properly, they can be lethal in many aspects and be a reliable ally on the battlefields. This is why its important to really focus and develop their abilities correctly.


The recent content update features a revamp of the Pet Rebirth system and makes the reincarnation of your pet even better. Reincarnating your pet allows you to change the Quality, Nature, and Growth. If you want to upgrade any of these categories simply visit Ligg in Atlantis to begin the process.

Reincarnating is perfect for newly acquired pets. The example below shows why. Using the revamped system I was able to increase it
‘s Quality, NatuIf you’re not quite happy with the Growth of your pet but still want to retain the Quality and Skill, simply select the Preserve Skills and Perfect options, then continue until you’re satisfied. The example below shows the same pet now with higher Growth and at the same time retaining its Quality and Skill.


The Rebirth System will only allow you to unlock and keep one of your pet’s innate abilities. Innate abilities will only appear during the reincarnation process when the Preserve Skills option is not selected.Are you looking to unlock all of your pet’s innate abilities? Winston has a special charm that will do just that! Winston’s Innate Skill Charm will give you the ability to pick and choose which Innate Ability you would like to unlock for your pet. Winston isn’t too keen on just giving this to anyone and asks for a lot, so be sure to use this on a pet that has a 4 star rating or higher.Are you looking for a pet worthy to fight alongside you in battle? Don’t forget to use the Boss Locator under the Major Events tab. The Boss Locator now includes listing for Shadow Bosses and describes the processes for special bosses that need to be summoned. There are also 2 brand new world bosses in each of the new zones. Assemble your strongest hunting party and hunt them down!re, Growth, and unlock one of the pet’s Innate abilities. It will cost 5 Advanced Rebirth Stones to guarantee a Perfect Quality Pet. If you’re happy with the result hit save, and the attributes with the new pet skill will be applied to your pet..


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