Star Wars Battlefront

As with many games when they’re first released, I was in love with Star Wars Battlefront at launch. Beautiful graphics, compelling game modes, and exciting action were everything I had hoped for since the beta. Unfortunately, now that I’ve spent some time in the game, I’ve found that I’m falling out of love with Star Wars Battlefront, and here’s why.

First and foremost, the spawns in Star Wars Battlefront are absolutely atrocious. This is something I hope EA and DICE are working on right now because it needs to be fixed ASAP. It seems everyone now knows exactly where the enemy will spawn, making it super easy to spawn trap players and go on crazy killstreaks. While this may seem fun for those who are doing it, it seriously kills any enjoyment for those who are getting killed over and over as soon as they spawn.

Now I know many gamers will say it’s EA and DICE’s fault, and players shouldn’t be blamed for taking advantage of an exploit in the game, and I agree. It is the fault of EA and DICE and I hope they make a quick adjustment. But when players milk those issues for their own gain, it makes the game incredibly unfair for everyone else, and ruins the experience.

Next up is the explosive spam that happens in the game. Unlike other first-person shooters that only give players one or two grenades, Star Wars Battlefront lets players have an endless number of grenades. All players need to do is throw a grenade, wait around a corner for 15 seconds for the explosive to cool down, and throw again. When five or more players are together and taking turns throwing grenades, there’s an endless number of explosives that come your way and make it very hard to enjoy the game. Couple this with the spawn trapping, and it’s a recipe for frustration and rage quitting.

Another thing that’s started to suck about Star Wars Battlefront is the lack of people playing the objective. Most of the game modes in Star Wars Battlefront are objective based, and require teams to work together to win. Unfortunately, many players treat Star Wars Battlefront like Call of Duty and spend their time running around trying to get a high kill/death ratio, rather than trying to win the game. This is a massive turn-off for gamers like me who like working together with teams to achieve the goal of the match and win. But that’s hard to do when no one is interested in playing the objective.

Finally, the lack of weapon customization has gotten to me. When I first started playing Star Wars Battlefront, I didn’t mind the fact that we couldn’t customize weapons with sights and attachments like in other shooters. But after spending a couple dozen hours in the game, I’m bored of the weapons. And without any way of customizing them, there’s not much I can do to combat that boredom. It also means pretty much every player in the game is using the same two or three overpowered weapons, and neglecting every other blaster in the game.
Sure, EA and DICE could try to better balance the weapons, but if they do that, what’s the point of having multiple weapons? Having weapon attachments allows players to use a myriad of weapons because they can change the ways those weapons act with customization. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the developers will start adding weapon attachments in DLCs or updates.

Ultimately, what started as a wonderful love affair has turned to a sad and pathetic separation. I’m falling out of love with Star Wars Battlefront, and I’m not sure there’s much that can bring me back. Which is really too bad, since I had high hopes for this game. Hopefully EA and DICE are hard at work on the next Battlefield and I can have my dreams revived for another great, team-based shooter.

What do y’all think? Do you agree with my assessment, or do you still think Star Wars Battlefront is amazing? I’d love to hear your perspective in the comments


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