Retrieve the ice cream in Fancy Pants World 2

Oh no! The angry bunny stole Fancy Pants’ ice cream. You must help him retrieve it! In Fancy Pants World 2, you get to immerse yourself in the wonderful game once again. Packed with more challenges, you will surely enjoy this game more than you enjoyed the first one. Help Fancy Pants retrieve his ice cream by running and jumping around to defeat your enemies and overcome all the difficult and challenging obstacles.


You will also have a lot of moves you can use to do this so it really sounds fun, right? Right! Also don’t forget to collect coins in order to buy upgrades. To know more about the storyline, gameplay and visual effects of the game, click the link that will be provided:

What are you waiting for? Click the link now to know more about Fancy Pants World 2!


Star Wars Battlefront

As with many games when they’re first released, I was in love with Star Wars Battlefront at launch. Beautiful graphics, compelling game modes, and exciting action were everything I had hoped for since the beta. Unfortunately, now that I’ve spent some time in the game, I’ve found that I’m falling out of love with Star Wars Battlefront, and here’s why.

First and foremost, the spawns in Star Wars Battlefront are absolutely atrocious. This is something I hope EA and DICE are working on right now because it needs to be fixed ASAP. It seems everyone now knows exactly where the enemy will spawn, making it super easy to spawn trap players and go on crazy killstreaks. While this may seem fun for those who are doing it, it seriously kills any enjoyment for those who are getting killed over and over as soon as they spawn.

Now I know many gamers will say it’s EA and DICE’s fault, and players shouldn’t be blamed for taking advantage of an exploit in the game, and I agree. It is the fault of EA and DICE and I hope they make a quick adjustment. But when players milk those issues for their own gain, it makes the game incredibly unfair for everyone else, and ruins the experience.

Next up is the explosive spam that happens in the game. Unlike other first-person shooters that only give players one or two grenades, Star Wars Battlefront lets players have an endless number of grenades. All players need to do is throw a grenade, wait around a corner for 15 seconds for the explosive to cool down, and throw again. When five or more players are together and taking turns throwing grenades, there’s an endless number of explosives that come your way and make it very hard to enjoy the game. Couple this with the spawn trapping, and it’s a recipe for frustration and rage quitting.

Another thing that’s started to suck about Star Wars Battlefront is the lack of people playing the objective. Most of the game modes in Star Wars Battlefront are objective based, and require teams to work together to win. Unfortunately, many players treat Star Wars Battlefront like Call of Duty and spend their time running around trying to get a high kill/death ratio, rather than trying to win the game. This is a massive turn-off for gamers like me who like working together with teams to achieve the goal of the match and win. But that’s hard to do when no one is interested in playing the objective.

Finally, the lack of weapon customization has gotten to me. When I first started playing Star Wars Battlefront, I didn’t mind the fact that we couldn’t customize weapons with sights and attachments like in other shooters. But after spending a couple dozen hours in the game, I’m bored of the weapons. And without any way of customizing them, there’s not much I can do to combat that boredom. It also means pretty much every player in the game is using the same two or three overpowered weapons, and neglecting every other blaster in the game.
Sure, EA and DICE could try to better balance the weapons, but if they do that, what’s the point of having multiple weapons? Having weapon attachments allows players to use a myriad of weapons because they can change the ways those weapons act with customization. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the developers will start adding weapon attachments in DLCs or updates.

Ultimately, what started as a wonderful love affair has turned to a sad and pathetic separation. I’m falling out of love with Star Wars Battlefront, and I’m not sure there’s much that can bring me back. Which is really too bad, since I had high hopes for this game. Hopefully EA and DICE are hard at work on the next Battlefield and I can have my dreams revived for another great, team-based shooter.

What do y’all think? Do you agree with my assessment, or do you still think Star Wars Battlefront is amazing? I’d love to hear your perspective in the comments

Sonic the hedgehog 2006

If there’s an award for Most Ruined Video Game Franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog might just take the cake. The Sonic franchise isn’t bad just because of all the meaningless, cardboard cut-out characters that sport the mental capacity of a wet mop. It’s not just bad because of the endless stream of sequels that have struggled and gasped for relevance in a time where sassy video game mascots just don’t sell video games like they used to.


The fact is that Sonic the Hedgehog as a series has suffered in so many immeasurable ways. And while some may argue this drop in quality may have begun with the Sonic Adventure entries on the Sega Dreamcast, those games were, for their time, still respectable, if not in some ways very bold.


The 2006 reboot is really where the well got poisoned. It features creepy hedgehog-to-human relationships, horrifying controls, and abominable characters. And that’s just the start of a terrifying spiral into the insanity that is that game. Every minute played makes a gamer question how it possibly made it out the door, and on two brand new platforms (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) no less.

No Sonic game (except the arguably enjoyable Colors and Generations) has been worth writing hom


Why I can’t stop stealing in Fallout 4

Seems to be growing well,” I tell the malnourished farmhands before ripping their gourds from the ground and stuffing them down my trousers. Strangely, they’re cool with this, so I try selling the grotty vegetables back to them to see what happens. They buy them. They actually buy back the gourds they saw me steal. Fallout 4 ’s wasteland is my own personal pick ‘n’ mix.


A kidnapped baby isn’t the driving force behind my exploits in this nuclear-ravaged world. No, my primary motivation is building an increasingly epic looter’s paradise loaded with disco balls and pictures of kittens and musical pressure pads that play La Cucaracha badly when you walk on them. The boy comes second after I finish my dance floor, which is probably never, and the whole ‘avenging my dead wife’ thing is third I guess.


So, pockets unfeasibly loaded with corn and melons and something called ‘tatos’ which are a mutated tomato/ potato hybrid that sadly does not work well in song (“You say tato, and I… also say tato”), I travel to Sanctuary. The quaint neighbourhood I lived in before being frozen for 200 years is still standing, and despite peeling paint on the houses and the cars outside them turning to rusted husks, it’s a home I’m committed to rebuilding. My every second exploring the Commonwealth is spent looking for shiny items like a massive featherless magpie, a magpie with opposable thumbs who can fashion those objects into something cool. A magpie on a mission.


A guard in Diamond City strikes up a conversation but I ignore him and focus on scanning the background for umbrellas and spatulas. I walk through majestic environments staring entirely at the floor. I make a beeline for a broken mop in a super-mutant’s lair because I need its precious cloth and that futon won’t make itself. Old newspapers and ashtrays and duct tape and desk fans are the new gold (the old gold, gold, is fairly useless).

My routine involves loading up with lightbulbs and hotplates and teddy bears until I can’t carry any more, giving another ton of junk to my begrudging pack mule of a companion, then hotfooting it back to base after every mission to empty my stash. I imagine typewriters and paintbrushes and battered books streaming from pockets en route like a crappy breadcrumb trail made from sheer garbage.


I can do a lot with these materials, though, like scandalously shredding an American flag and using its material to make a doormat, mounting stuffed animal parts on the walls of my bedroom, scrapping plungers and pencils and using their wood to build a fence around my most annoying settler who keeps asking me for drugs, and harvesting copper from telephones to wire up my electricity pylons and creating a promotional radio station that broadcasts a humblebrag across the Commonwealth. My ultimate aim is collecting enough human bones to make a pool I can swim in like a detestable Scrooge McDuck.

My every action in Fallout 4 is taken with homestead expansion in mind, and as such it’s spoiled other games for me. I don’t want to play something in which filling my clown-car pockets with alarm clocks and spatulas isn’t handsomely rewarded. I’d steal you if I could.

demolition city 3

If you had fun demolishing buildings in Demolition City 1 and 2, you will surely enjoy the third sequel, Demolition City 3. A lot of improvements are added. There are now seven cities: the Gunslinger City which is based on the Wild West; Toga Town which is based on ancient Rome; Gearville which is an industrial city, Fortune City which is based on ancient samurai of Japan, Techno Berg which is run by aliens, Ice City where structures are made of ice and the Shoppers Haven where structures are grocery stores and abandoned shopping malls.

demolition-city 3

The tools used to demolish the structures are found in your toolbox and can be bought by your earned cash. To easily demolish structures, use various tools together considering the complexity or strength of the structure. You can play this game for free in its official website and other various gaming sites.

Company of Myself 2

They say that being independent means that you are strong. Yes, it is correct. There are two other importance of being independent in life. Since the cycle of life is about surviving happily, being independent means that you know what to do without the great help of others. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be snob or avoid some help. Being independent means being free to decide on your own but keeping or seeking advice that might contribute on your ultimate decision.



Going to the main topic of this article, there is a flash game called The Company of Myself 2 which is interesting and unique. It does show independence in a fun way. This is a moody little platform game that is about a hermit with lots of problem on a daily basis which is the main reason why it is quite moody. Help the hermit by controlling it and duplicating its body so that it will reach the exit points of each level successfully. Use the arrow keys for movement and Press R if you want to restart the whole game.

Prepare to taste more action and thriller in Awesome tanks 3. Face off against enemy tanks as you operate a tank and are being isolated in to an area full of tanks where you have to fight your way out. Awesome tanks 3 brings more action, adventure and entertainment with the improvement of the game and its functionality.

Start off once more with the orange tank that has served you every time for fighting enemies and try to destroy them completely. Begin the journey of another fun and destructive tank mayhem in Awesome tanks 3. The game is a part of the series of games of Awesome tanks, which is quite similar to the previous parts but offers and introduces much more features in the game for the first time.

Game overview and features

The game begins with the usual orange tank isolated in an area filled with enemies hidden in a fog and you can only see them once you get in range. Survive the deadly mayhem in the game and destroy the enemies that appears and you will proceed to the next level. Awesome tanks 3 offers several unique purpose in the game and has undergone several changes which was not available in the other parts, the objective of the game includes completing certain challenges within the level before proceeding to the next level, boss fights are also included in the game which are quite challenging and difficult. There are a total of twenty levels instead, and each level has a completely different stage set up with uniquely challenging scenario.

The game has improved different aspect of the games by providing different objectives for players seeking special challenges and excitement, as it offers a set of game modes to choose from. The game is integrated with three game modes, the three game modes offer a new uniqueness to the game which, while keeping the similarities between the previous parts, provides a different experience as well, these include:

Normal Mode – This is the classic game mode where the objective is to destroy all the tanks that appear in front of you. As you destroy all the tanks in the stage, the next level will be available for you to play.
Challenge Mode – This is a new game mode where there are multiple objectives provided in each of the many challenges available, these challenges can be played any time and after the completion of each, you will be able to purchase various upgrades of your tank. The challenge mode consists of various objectives starting from objectives as simple as destroying certain enemies, to quite complex as avoiding any damage of your tank when fighting a battle. With over 30 small challenges in the game to choose from, you can have compete against other players and compare your scores and completion of the challenges.
Scores and Achievements


The scores or points are quite similar to the previous one but with slight changes. With the help of these scores you can buy various weapons and upgrades which can be very useful, the game also scores you on your ability to avoid damage and to complete the game faster.
The game has added the feature of different achievements and trophies as well, these achievements are awards that are granted upon completing a certain challenge during any time of the game. These achievements can later be reviewed and the incomplete ones can be again re-attempted during any time of the game. The achievements are not a mode and for this reason they can be attempted anywhere, whether you are playing in normal mode, destroying tanks, or you are trying to complete a challenge in the challenge mode.